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i cried out with no reply

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  2006.03.23  22.35
It's spring!

Danny rested his head against the willow tree that resided in the courtyard of Hogwarts. His hands were stuffed in his pockets beneath his robes. He sat on the ground, his legs sprawled out lifelessly in the new grass. He watched the trees around him, all blistering with light pink blossoms. Flowers rose from the dirt, brushing away the hurt from the winter. The pond at Danny's side was a cerulean blue, displaying the sun's beautiful reflection. Yet in all this beauty, Danny felt miserable. All he could think about was Journey.
Was it some sort of withdrawl that Danny was going through? He plucked a baby daisy from the ground beside him, and craddled it in his fingers. Journey was the only thing on his mind lately, after talking to Colm. He didn't know where she was or even if she was alright. Danny was beginning to wonder if she'd ever return to him. All he could do was miss her, miss her touch, her laugh, her scent. Those were all memories now. He kept the pictures he had of her near him, so he could watch her for a little while at the least. He kept them in the breast pocket of his robes, and promised himself that he would until she came back to him.


  2006.03.23  22.04

TO: Colm
FROM: Danny

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  2006.02.21  20.38

To: Colm
From: Danny

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Mood: worried

  2006.02.10  23.12
One Apathetic Gryffindor

Danny lay sprawled out in the Room of Requirment. There was a couch, plump and red, but Danny hadn't made it to his couch. He was on the floor, frozen in a snow-angel pose on the rug in front of the fireplace. He'd been hiding, it seemed. He went to classes and then vanished, either hiding in the Room of Requirment or in the Library, behind a large fort of books in the back, pretending to study. He felt completley dead. Rather, he felt like a zombie, sifting through classes, eating alone, watching from afar as people warmly conversed, flirted, made friends and lived. Danny, sat in the shadows, wanting to join them, but something was keeping him from it.

He missed Journey. He hadn't seen her in months. Danny's last encounter with her, he feared hadn't ended plesantly. She was in need of comfort and Danny knew he didn't do all he could to help. He apathetically brushed it aside, offering very little.

Laying there, watching the hot, dancing fire but still feeling cold, Danny felt sick. He felt dead.


  2006.01.14  01.38

Danny slid into his robe, sleepily, as he stretched and threw his things together with his wand. He grabbed his school bag, things still piling in as he threw the single strap over his shoulder. He raced down the stairs and past the Great Hall, smiling as he took a doughnut with his magic. He shoved it into his mouth as he glided down the halls, fearing being tardy for Potions.


  2006.01.14  01.20

To: Journey
From: Danny

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  2005.12.19  23.31

Danny lounges about the Great Hall, filled with only a few passers-by doing their homework. In his hands in his Potions book, and laid before him is a small couldron (sp??) and several viles. With his wand he attempts to practice for his Potions exam before break.


  2005.12.18  20.57

What does everyone want for Christmas presents?


  2005.12.13  18.53

I think I'm going home for break, thank you Blaise for talking me into it.
Though I don't plan on doing anything special, I want to go all out. Christmas tree, lights, egg nog- the works. Anything red, green, and shiny is going up as a decoration.

What is everyone else planning to do?
What does everyone want for Christmas, by the way.

((OOC: I'm going to be on AIM as Danny a lot more, so I hope to get into more storylines with everyone. Also, I've been promoting. So, if we're lucky, we may get some new people :]))


  2005.12.04  22.18
In the Owlrey...

Danny arrived at the Owlery, bundled up in a heavy black jacket, a festive cap from his Grandmother, and a pair of gloves. In his hands was a mug of Madame Elisa's Forever Warm Coffee- which was exactly like it sounded. He entered the Owlery, the ever present stench of the wild birds up above was smelt from where he stood as he waited for Journey, his mind racing with questions.


  2005.12.04  19.27

Danny sits with his laptop on his bed, his iPod at his side, and the ear buds in his ears. He hunches over, feeling sick, but not to his stomach. A different kind of sick. He types up a long, detailed entry, but before pushing the "update journal" button, then holds the backspace button until the entire page is cleared. Leaving only this:

I'll be in the common room if you need me.

He shut the computer off and headed downstairs from the common room. He played "Bat Country" on his iPod as he made his way into the common room. It was nearly empty as he watched a few studying students in the corner finish their homework. He reclined against the table, then sat, his legs slung into the isleway, his back towards the table. He sat with his head in his hands staring at the marble floor. He longed for comfort, yet at the same time he knew he'd only push away. Danny didn't know what to make of himself.

Mood: confused

  2005.12.04  15.55

To: Journey
From: Danny

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Mood: concerned

  2005.12.01  23.17

Danny let out a deep, exhausted sigh as he lay in the snow ((assuiming we're in December. Sorry if we're not)). He stared absent-mindedly into the sky as soft snow flakes fell from gray/white tarp above him, and gently kissed his skin as they landed before melting into an icy liquid that trickled down his face. They tangled themselves gracefully into his eyelashes and black hair that contrasted the snow. The tip of his ear turned a bit pink but he layed there still. Staring up at that blank sky, alone in the courtyard, he felt a tranquility that he hadn't felt since before the summer began. At home he was ordered about, forced into a mold that wasn't him. At school work was shoved so forcibly down his throat that for an instant, Danny had sworn he'd seen a hint of concern on Snape's face when he passed by him with all of his homework. But now he felt weightless, like he was nowhere and somewhere at the same time. Time had stopped. All the world was frozen except for him.


  2005.10.28  15.48

((OOC: Oh no. I don't like the non-activness of the community. Makes me sad.))

Danny held his breath as he crossed the barrier between train platforms 9 and 10. He hated running through, it always frightened him into thinking he'd hit the wall instead. With him, came Gevander, the house elf, and his Grandpa John. Between the three they carried Danny's trunks and his dwarf owl, Rhian. The Hogwart's Express whistle blew and Danny was handed Rhian by Grandpa John.

"Have a safe trip Danny, take care of Rhian." Danny nodded. Sticking his fingers through the cage he gently stroked Rhian's soft, gray feathers, calming the shaking bird. After saying 'goodbye' to his family, he boarded the train. He waved to a few friends in full carriages as he passed, and found a single, empty one. Shrugging as he looked around, Danny made his way inside.


  2005.09.17  10.39
I left my heart where I should go

Danny walked alongside his father in Diagon Alley. The sun was setting and casting thin shadows ahead of them. Danny had with him his shopping list sent from Professor McGonagall, and his wand- broken into two pieces.

"Danny, why don't you take some money and the list and shop for yourself. I'm going to find a birthday gift for your grandmother while we're here. We'll meet back at the pet shop, alright?" Gregor asked, stopping his son in the middle of the path. Danny nodded and was handed a handful of galleons.

"Don't spend it all." Gregor said with a threatening look. Danny smiled and nodded, and watched his father walk away. Danny looked on his list and made his way towards the wand shop.


  2005.09.07  16.24

Gregor De Rouge walked restlessly through the drawing room of the house. Ordering house elves left and right, changing every bit of detail to the parlor room. Grandfather De Rouge was in the kitchen, ordering and helping the house elves, much like his son. But rather than barking suggestions left and right, he was caught up in his novel, his feet propped up on a chair across from him on the house elf table, stirring the stew with his wand from the other side of the room.

"No, a little to the left. A little more...oh come along now, Gevander, you won't break it. Move it to the left-" Gregor commanded, waving his hand in the direction he wanted the painting to move in. The elf called Gevander nodded at Gregor and carted the painting a few fet from it's original spot. The woman in the painting pressed her upturned nose as close as she could, her big brown eyes falling on Gevander.

"Be careful, Gevander." Said the witch gently as Gevander stumbled a little, leaning the painting against the wall. "Gregor, he's a little elf- he can't carry me."

"Geneva I'll do as I please." Gregor said cooly, waving to the elf to continue.
"Gregor, he's
my elf." Geneva said, with a pout. "I don't really think you have the right to overrule my wishes." She crossed her arms. Gregor gave his sister a glare and summoned Gevander to halt.
"Maybe we should hang out side, Genny..." He waved Gevander to lift up the portrait again. A worried look spread across Geneva's face.
"Gregor! Gregor don't you dare! Gregor...Gregor stop it!" Geneva cried as Gevander made his way towards the door. "Gregor...Gregor stop! MOM!"
With a loud crack a thin, wrinkly woman with gray hair and a sleek black dress suddenly appeared in the room.

"Gregor." The elderly woman snapped. "Leave your sister alone." Looking at the clock, Grandmother De Rouge added: "Where's Danny- the Oliverezes should be here any moment now."

The young wizard was found in the ballroom, playing notes on the beautiful black paino, bewitched to accompany any tune with another insturnment. Danny was playing a song of his own composition with a complimentary harp when his father and grandmother walked in.
"Daniel, what are you doing?" Grandmother De Rouge asked in an appalled tone. "You should be getting ready." Danny paused, looking himself over. He was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and tight, dark jeans.
"I am ready." He replied softly.
"Daniel, you look like you're going to Hogsemade. Go up to your room and change, young man. Didn't Gevander lay out clothes for you?"
"Yes." Danny said softly as he rose. "But they make me look like I'm going to a wedding."
"Daniel," Grandmother De Rouge sighed. "It's a formal diner and I don't want you looking like you're going to the Three Broomsticks. Now please, change."

Danny walked upstairs obidiently, and changed into the outfit layed out for him. Itchy, stressed, and constantly worrying, Danny scouffed at himself in the mirror. He grunted and put his jeans back on.
"Better." He said softly, starting downstairs.


  2005.08.24  12.46

To: Journey
From: Danny

OWLCollapse )


  2005.08.16  08.24

To: Journey

From: Danny

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Mood: missing my Journey


  2005.08.11  19.14
The Long Ride Home

Danny sat alone in a car. His favorite seat- the one next to the window- he had claimed from a mile back. At first he had sat with a few other kids- nameless faces in the Hogwarts school, but when he awoke from a hour-and-a-half nap, they had gone. Perhaps they had found better cars to sit in, found friends, or had gotten off at another stop. While most students Danny knew were getting off at King's Cross, Danny was staying further down the line. Did he know where he was going? Somewhat. He was meeting his father and aunt in Liverpool, at her house. They were going to discuss legal matters about Claud and blah, blah, blah.

Danny would surley be napping the entire time they spoke like lawyers. Danny didn't speak legal, so he wouldn't have any idea what he was missing, anyway. But as the ride continued, Danny slipped out his secret love, his forbidden fruit: the taboo iPod. They were far from Hogwarts and on a train no muggle even knew of. Danny figured it was safe.

Letting the train rock him and his probably-too-loud music, Danny drifted off to another world. Never Never Land, or something. Where he didn't feel so old. His next year at Hogwarts would be his last. Then what?

Danny sighed. He didn't even want to think about that. He kicked his feet up and rested them on the chair across from him and rested his head on the cold window.


  2005.07.22  13.42
Summer plans

Summer plans?
Let's see:

freaking nothing.

My summer life is boring during the summer.
Claud's staying here for a couple week after break begins, then he's being shipped off to the Ministry, so they can get a good look at him and see if they can do anything. That's when I think all the interviews and interrogations with Azkaban employees are going to begin.

Then, depending on whether or not he gets better, he might be sent home to Aunt Evelyn's for the rest of the summer. If that happens, my cousin Summer and I will be moving out to Liverpool.

Other than that, my summer will consist mostly of sending owls back and forth to anyone who wants one, playing the piano, writting songs and such, and then sheer cabin fever.

So, I will most deffinatley be up to hanging out and around during the summer. Just send me an owl.


  2005.07.15  12.26

I'm packing, but procrastinating.
I'm afraid if I completley pack up, then there'll be nothing left for me to do before we leave except wait.
But McGonagal is starting to inspect and I'm running out of excuses.
Journey, I want to see you before we leave.
I haven't decided a date for the movie-party-thingie, but I'm assuming it will be squeezed into this party weekend coming up.
Danny sighs softly. The fingers on his laptop stop clicking their buttons as his eyes look up at the starry skies of the Great Hall Ceiling. His mind wonders, until finally he goes back to typing.
I'm really going to miss everyone.


  2005.06.22  15.09

It's a beautiful Saturday, so instead of relaxing within the walls of the school, Danny walks outside, past the courtyard, and finds a secluded patch of trees. Finding a willow that he liked, Danny lays down in front of it, resting his head on a sweater he brought with him. He closes his eyes, and tries to take a nap in the sun.


  2005.06.10  17.46
Movie Night Pt. 2?

I propose we do another muggle movie night.
I also propose we watch Phantom of the Opera, because that is currently my favorite Muggle Movie ever.

Maybe a farwell party is in order as well . . .


  2005.06.02  17.06
Update on Dear Cousin Claud.

Things seem to be looking up, perhaps. But I'm begining to prepare myself for the giant spiral downward.

Claudius Watch for June 2, 2005:

Madame Promfrey won't let me anywhere near him, so it's hard to tell. One of the men observing him, however, seems to have taken a liking to me, and kind of drops off little hints and tidbits of info on Claud's condition. It's kind of a good news-bad news situation- Good News: They've discovered what kind of spell it is: a distortus viscuseris. It's an emotionless spell, used mostly to execute prisioners in Azkaban. The Bad News is that since the Dementors created it, it's aawfully hard to find the counterspell, if there even is one. Not to mention that the varity of people is pretty great- anyone who has ever worked at Azkaban- guard, officer, janitor, even- knows it. Any convict who had managed to excape, knows it. Which really widens the list of suspects, of which there are about 70.


Mood: blank

  2005.05.30  12.27

To: Journey
From: Danny

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